Words of Hope:

“Your staff is amazing. I honestly can’t think of a single suggestion to improve your services. Every person I spoke to showed care and helped. [The crisis worker] specifically helped us. I will never forget the help your services gave to my family.”

“I highly recommend this service to any family that has issues with their children and grandchildren. PCC has been a great support for my family. Thanks! Keep up the super job.”

“I feel that I have a voice and that my concerns are heard and needs addressed, and I have not been asked to compromise my personal values and beliefs. I have been shown a great deal of respect throughout the process.”

“The humanity of the people I dealt with is amazing. They are not only professional, but really put their hearts into it. They gave me confidence, hope and faith that we can get better! It’s fantastic! Thank you!”

 “I like the personal one-on-one with each child and the friendly smiles at each and every visit. The staff is very kind and caring. They take time to listen and my children really like to come here.”

“[The clinician] was awesome. My son felt very comfortable – went above and beyond the call of duty assisting/supporting in school meetings and finding other services for us to continue with.”

“[The clinician] does a fantastic job. Helped my son be stronger and more confident. Recommendations have changed my son’s life and my family’s. We work together towards the same goal and are very thankful for [the clinician’s] valuable support.”

“My children have been listened to. I have been heard. They’ve learned great coping skills and strategies. PCC has made a world of difference to my kids!”

“I am so glad that I attended this group. Each lesson learned throughout these last 10 weeks has been very helpful and much needed …. I feel that from all I have learned, I will carry on using it to help the daily challenges I do face with my children.”

“I enjoyed hearing the suggestions and ideas from the other parents for dealing with a situation. It’s nice to not feel so alone/hopeless.”

“I liked knowing that other kids are going through the same feelings. Now I don’t feel alone.”
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