Tyler's Success Story

Tyler* recently completed treatment at PEEL, PCC's residential treatment program in Moncton, NB. We thank Tyler for sharing his story about how PEEL helped him.

* Name has been changed.

I was 16 years old when I first came to PEEL. I had the attitude of every street kid thinking that PEEL wasn’t going to work and that nobody was going to change me. Before coming to PEEL, I was hospitalized because of home issues, family issues, self-issues, and I wasn’t doing well in school. I was feeling suicidal and was into drugs and criminal activity after growing up in an abusive home.

When I first came to PEEL, I adjusted quickly. My primary residential counsellor, Ryan, was pretty cool and friendly. He was a positive role model and a big part of my treatment. Throughout the two years I was at PEEL, I learned coping skills and breathing skills to help with my anxiety. Before I learned those skills I was coping negatively by breaking things, compulsive eating, and self-harming. Now I breathe, read, work with animals, listen to music, and talk about and verbalize my concerns. I really enjoyed and benefited from the relaxation training program in the day treatment program and I continue to use these skills and teach them to others.

I have been successful at school and will be graduating from high school next month from the school-to-work transition program with my adult diploma. I have become an active volunteer in the community working at the SPCA, the food bank, and a local soup kitchen. Through my volunteering, I got a job at the SPCA. I’m still working on my family relationships and it’s an ongoing struggle but I have learned how to manage and cope better with these relationships.

If I could say one thing about PEEL, I would tell others to give it a shot and be open-minded because it works.

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