Respite Services:

Children’s Mental Health Respite Services of Peel
If you are feeling stressed because you or your child are having mental health problems, you may need to let someone else look after your child for a little while so you can take a break. This is called respite.

If you need a break from caring for your child, you should talk to your mental health worker or your case manager. (A case manager is a social worker or a mental health care worker who is trained to manage all parts of your child’s care.) He or she can help you get the services you need.

Can you use Children’s Mental Health Respite Services of Peel?
You can use our services
  • if you or your child have mental health problems,
  • if your child is under 18 years old,
  • if you live in the Region of Peel, and
  • if your child has a mental health worker or a case manager.

What do we do?
We offer different ways to care for your child while you take a break.
  • We can care for your child at Peel Children’s Centre in one of our treatment homes for up to a few days.
  • We can have a Child and Youth Worker care for your child in your home. (A Child and Youth Worker is specially trained to look after children with mental health problems.)
  • We can help you have some time off while your child takes part in supervised community activities, such as recreation or camps.


Our Goal is

  • to help keep your family together in your home, and
  • to make sure that your child keeps getting treatment that works.

How can you find out more about this service?
To find out more about this service, ask your child's mental health worker or case manager to call us at 905-273-6444 or 905-795-3500.

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