Peel Inclusion Resource Services:

What is PIRS?
PIRS is a partnership between resourcing programs and licensed child care providers that offer services to families and children with special needs before they start school.
How can PIRS support my family?
Children who attend, or plan to attend licensed child care in Peel are connected to a Resource Consultant. Together you will work closely to support your child to have a positive child care experience.
Your Resource Consultant will:
  • Create a plan with you and the child care provider that focuses on your child’s strengths and areas of development
  • Share ideas and strategies to use in child care and your home
  • Provide resources and information about other services
  • Support your child’s transition from child care to school
What should I do next? You can:
  1. Speak to your child care provider or Resource Consultant, if your child attends child care;
  2. Ask your doctor or other health care professional to start the referral process for you;
  3. Contact us today to begin the referral process (child care fee subsidy is available to families who qualify).

Contact Information:
Phone: 905-791-7800, ext. 7627
Fax: 905-450-5757
For more information, visit
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