Peel Inclusion Resource Services:

Do you have concerns about how your young child is doing or participating in her or his licensed childcare? Does your child need extra help to join activities, have staff know what she or he needs, make friends or follow routines? Does your young child have problems doing things that most children can do at her or his age? Peel Inclusion Resource Services offers ways to help young children who have special needs, and their parents or caregivers. Every licensed childcare centre in Peel has Peel Inclusion Resource Services.

Can you and your child use our services?
You can use Peel Inclusion Resource Services if
  • your child goes to a licensed childcare centre, or is on a waiting list for licensed childcare, in the Region of Peel,
  • you have concerns about your child’s feelings, behaviour or relationships with others, and/or
  • your child’s growth or development are delayed.

What do we do?
A worker called a Resource Consultant will meet with you, your child and the childcare provider to learn about your child’s and family’s needs. Then the Resource Consultant will work with you and the childcare staff to create an Individual Program Plan for your child. Each Individual Program Plan is different to meet the child’s needs and the parent’s goals. Your child’s Individual Program Plan could include recommendations from professionals who tested your child. These tests are called an assessment and help the Resource Consultant figure out whether your child and family need additional supports. Your child’s Individual Program Plan could also include training for you and the childcare staff.

How can you find out more about our services?
To find out more about Peel Inclusion Resource Services, you can talk to the staff at your child’s childcare centre, or call PIRS Intake at
905-791-7800 ext. 7627. You can also visit the website of Child Development Resource Connection Peel.
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