Counselling Services:

Counselling Services
Is your child having problems getting along with others or controlling his or her feelings at home, in school, or in the community? Our Counselling Services may be able to help.

Can your child use our services?
Your child can use our Counselling Services if
  • your child is under 18 years old,
  • your child lives in the Region of Peel for service in English, or
  • your child lives in either the Region of Peel or the Region of Halton for service in French,
  • your child’s problems are not too serious, and
  • counselling can help your child manage his or her problems.

What do we do?
We will help you and your child deal with difficult times in your life. And we will help your child learn how to get along with others at home, at school, and in the community.


We offer single counselling sessions or a series of counselling sessions to help you. You can have counselling as a family or in groups.


We are also part of a service called Tangerine Walk-In Counselling. Peel Children's Centre provides walk-in counselling at our Main Office on Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (the last session begins at 6:00 pm).  Tangerine Walk-in Counselling is available at other locations in Peel Region on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


How can you find out more about our services or make an appointment?
To find out more about Tangerine Walk-In Counselling, please visit or call 905-795-3530.


To find out more about our other Counselling Services or to make an appointment, please call Access to Mental Health Services for Children and Youth at 905-451-4655.

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