Child Witness:

Child Witness Program
Has your child been sexually or physically abused? Or has your child seen this abuse? Does your child have to go to court to tell what happened?

Our Child Witness Program can help your child get ready to go to court to talk about this experience.

When can your child take part in our program?
If your child is under 18 years old and lives in the Region of Peel, the Region of Halton, or Dufferin County, your child can take part in our program
  • if your child has been sexually or physically abused, or
  • if he or she has seen sexual or physical abuse, and
  • if your child has to go to criminal court to tell what happened.


If your child under 18 years old lives in other areas in the Province of Ontario, your child can still take part in our program if he or she has to go to a court located in Peel, Halton or Dufferin to tell about being abused or about seeing abuse.

What do we do?
We will get your child ready to tell the court about what happened.

  • We will help your child deal with his or her feelings.
  • We will help reduce your child’s worry about going to court.
  • We will teach your child about what will happen in court.

How can you find our more about our program?
To find out more about our program, please call Access to Mental Health Services for Children and Youth at 905-451-4655.

Funding for this program is provided by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. The views and opinions expressed in this publication/website do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Ontario Government or the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. 
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