Respite Services:

Children’s Mental Health Respite Services of Peel
Peel Children’s Centre provides respite services for families of children who are struggling with mental health issues, or for parents who are experiencing mental health issues that are directly affecting their child's/youth’s daily functioning.


Respite is a component of a broader treatment or service plan and provides child- and family-centred services that reduce

  • the risk of family breakdown,
  • the need for more intrusive placements outside the home, and
  • the need for child protection interventions.


Who is eligible for these services?
We provide a continuum of respite services for children and youth

  • who are under 18 years of age,
  • who have mental health difficulties, or whose parents have mental health difficulties that are directly impacting the child/youth,
  • whose parents/guardians live in the Region of Peel, and
  • who have an existing case manager.


What do we do?
We offer a continuum of response options that range from various community-based supports to out-of-home short-term placements in order to give families a break and help reduce stress in the home. These planned interventions are short-term in nature and specifically tailored to the child's/youth’s and family’s needs. The respite break is intended to be an intervention in a broader treatment or service plan.


We offer the following options for respite care.


  • Support in Peel Children’s Centre’s parent-operated or residential facilitie and
  • Overnight community-based camps.

In-Home (community based respite)

  • Volunteer mentor,
  • Child and Youth Worker support,
  • Community based recreation, and
  • Child-minding.


How can you access this service?
Case managers should call the Respite Coordinator at 905-273-6444 or 905-795-3500.

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