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ECHO Residential Treatment Program
Our ECHO Residential Treatment Program is a specialized, evidence-informed program for adolescent males who have sexually abused. ECHO is an acronym that represents the four key components of our program:
E - Education
C - Change
H - Health
O - Opportunity


ECHO provides a safe, accepting and supportive environment that focuses on clients' strengths. Our mental health workers help troubled youth resolve their social, emotional, educational and mental health issues. We also help them deal with their sexual behaviour.


The ECHO campus, in a rural location in northern Peel Region, includes a school and recreational facilities. The spacious residence has 24/7 staffing and private bedrooms.

Who is eligible for this program?
At ECHO, we treat young males who:

  • are 13 to 17 years of age,
  • have sexually abused others, and
  • are at high risk of sexually abusing again.


Our Sexual Abuse Treatment Program conducts a thorough assessment to determine the youth's suitability for the ECHO program.


Of the five beds in the ECHO residence, three are available free of charge to youth who live in the Region of Peel, while the remaining two are available on a per diem basis to youth who live elsewhere.


What do we do?
Our multi-disciplinary team designs an individualized treatment program for each youth that may include a combination of individual, group, and family treatment interventions. Treatment components include:


  • safety plans
  • identification of triggers
  • coping strategies
  • healthy sexuality
  • healthy boundaries
  • social skills and behaviours
  • emotional regulation.


Most ECHO residents attend the on-site Day Treatment classroom with a Board-certified teacher who works in collaboration with residential staff to ensure continuity of treatment goals.

As treatment advances, the youth progress from a highly structured atmosphere to one that gradually includes activities that will assist in the youth's successful reintegration into the community with decreased supervision.


Discharge planning addresses issues related to housing, education, financial support, legal guardianship (where appropriate) and follow-up treatment.


Following discharge and depending on individual need, the youth may receive clinical support for a period of time. Youth who remain in Peel Region may receive community-based treatment through our Sexual Abuse Treatment Program.


How do you access this program?
To access this program, call 905-795-3500 and ask to speak to the Clinical Supervisor, Sexual Abuse Treatment Program.


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