Day Treatment:

Day Treatment Program
Our Day Treatment Program is an individualized school-based program for children who are at risk of losing their school placements due to their struggles with multiple mental health issues.

Who is eligible for this program?
Children who are 5 to 17 years old, and whose parent(s) or guardian live in the Region of Peel, are eligible for this program if they:
  • have moderate-to-severe impairment in school (as measured by the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale or CAFAS®)
  • are at risk of losing their school placement,
  • behave disruptively with others and have difficulty regulating their moods and emotions, and
  • have problems at home, in school, or in the community.

What do we do?
Our Day Treatment Program integrates several treatment options into a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for the child. We work in partnership with the child, family and school system to offer these options:
  • family counselling,
  • social skills training,
  • an individualized academic program,
  • psychiatric or psychological assessment or consultation, and
  • speech and language assessment or consultation.


We offer this program in a special classroom setting. At the same time, we encourage that the child adapt to the regular school system, to minimize the stigma of being isolated.


The Day Treatment Program also operates a specialized summer program that blends recreational activities with therapeutic treatment in a day camp setting. The summer program helps the children and youth consolidate and maintain the skills they acquired in Day Treatment throughout the school year.


Peel Children's Centre is grateful to the supporters and funders of the summer program, which have included the Peel District School Board, the Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund, the Pendle Fund at the Community Foundation of Mississauga, the Mississauga Firefighters Association, and the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families.

How can you access our program?
To access our program, professionals need to work through the school boards as follows.

For students in the Peel District School Board, please contact the principal of the child/youth's school.

For students in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, please contact Dr. Lisa Romano-Dwyer, the board's Chief Social Worker, at 905-890-0708, ext. 24336.

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