Court Clinic:

Court Clinic Program
Our Court Clinic Program assesses the mental health of youth who have been charged with criminal offences under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Criminal and Family Court judges in the Region of Peel may order an assessment when they have concerns about a young person's mental health status that include a risk of harm to themselves or others, and/or when there is potential for re-offending.

Who is eligible for this program?
We assess youth 12 to 18 years of age, living in the Region of Peel*

  • who are charged with an offence under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and
  • who are referred for mental health assessment by a presiding judge.

* Our Court Clinic Program also serves those who do not reside in the Region of Peel. If Peel Children's Centre is the most accessible location for a family whose youth has committed a crime within the Region of Peel, they are welcome to use our service.

What do we do?
Following a referral to our Court Clinic Program, we assess youth by
  • interviewing youth and/or their parent(s) or legal guardian,
  • doing psychological testing and a family assessment,
  • integrating information from other relevant service providers, and
  • doing a psychiatric evaluation when indicated.

We prepare and submit the report to the Court. This report summarizes the assessment and offers recommendations for the judge to consider with respect to sentencing, treatment and community reintegration.

How can you access our program?
Peel Children’s Centre operates the Court Clinic Program as an agent of the Court, which manages the referral process.
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