Moving on Mental Health – System Transformation Progress Update

The Moving on Mental Health (MOMH) Action Plan, led by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) in partnership with Education and Health, is intended to transform the experiences of children, youth and families with mental health challenges so that wherever they live in Ontario, they will have timely access to high-quality services and supports. Key MOMH deliverables to date include the release of a community-based Children and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) Services delivery framework and the identification of Lead Agencies in 28 of 33 Ontario communities. MCYS is also focused on pathways into, through and out of care; creating a new funding model; and building a legislative and regulatory framework to support the MOMH agenda for a stronger, more coherent and accountable mental health service system.

PCC, as Lead Agency in Peel, has been working very closely with its six Core Services Delivery (CSD) partners – Associated Youth Services of Peel, Nexus Youth Services, Peel Children’s Centre, Rapport Youth & Family Services, Trillium Health Partners and William Osler Health System – to develop and implement Peel’s Core Services Delivery Plan (CSDP). The CSDP’s deliverables are:

  • Complete the work to operationalize the Peel Coordinated Intake Network (PCIN) – this is on track. All of Peel’s CSD partners agreed to implement the interRAI™ suite of tools. This fall, staff from across the system were trained on the interRAI™ Screener (to support access/intake) and ChYMH (to support assessment/outcomes), with training continuing in January. Additionally, work is underway to acquire and implement a web-based clinical data system that all of Peel’s CSD partners will use.
  • Develop and implement a system-wide mechanism for youth engagement (YE) – Nancy Hood, provincially recognized for her work in the area of YE, has been identified as Peel’s MOMH YE Coordinator. With support from the Centre of Excellence (COE), Nancy has drafted a work plan and has now established a MOMH Youth Engagement (YE) Working Group.
  • Develop and implement a system-wide mechanism for family engagement (FE) – this fall, Stephanie Bush was identified as Peel’s MOMH FE Coordinator. Stephanie, with support from Nancy and the COE, will be developing a work plan over the next several months to guide the process necessary to lay the groundwork for moving FE forward in the Peel service area.

PCC as Lead Agency also developed a Community Mental Health Plan (CMHP) for Peel following a meeting in February of nearly 100 stakeholders from Peel’s other child- and youth-serving sectors that provide mental health services. Progress towards the CMHP’s deliverables included:
  • Continue to build on existing relationships – PCC has convened several meetings with key partners – e.g. Peel’s four school boards (English and French), two LHINs, youth probation services, adult mental health, child welfare and youth justice – to build relationships and develop an understanding of their mental health services. More meetings are scheduled in 2016.
  • Describe current targeted prevention activities and mental health services delivered by other sectors – PCC has compiled an initial inventory of such services provided by other sectors in the Peel service area. This work will continue into 2016.
  • Analyze the inventory of existing local community planning mechanisms and create/identify a formal Children & Youth Community Planning Mechanism – PCC has retained consultant Jane Fitzgerald to assist with the analysis and make recommendations on an appropriate, ongoing planning mechanism. This work is expected to be completed in the winter of 2016.

Additionally, PCC has begun to assume some System Management responsibilities with the timeline for full transference of system management responsibilities targeted for April 1, 2017. Assessing capacity internally and across CSD partners is required to ensure that administrative structures and processes are appropriately in place to meet MCYS’ expectations. Provincially, MCYS is making investments in system management capacity-building in areas that include leadership, planning, service delivery and program alignment, performance management, and financial management. These investments in system management infrastructure over the next the three years will enhance Peel’s capacity to deliver on the MOMH vision.

PCC’s work on MOMH is not limited to a local context. At the Regional level, PCC and the other Lead Agencies in Central Region – CMHA Waterloo-Wellington-Dufferin, Kinark Child & Family Services, Lutherwood, New Path Youth & Family Counselling Services, and Reach of Centre for Kids (ROCK) – are working with MCYS staff to collect/verify data and plan for the successful implementation of MOMH in our respective service areas of Peel, Dufferin-Wellington, York, Waterloo, Simcoe and Halton.

At the Provincial level, Humphrey Mitchell, CEO of PCC, and Joanne Lowe, Executive Director of Youth Services Bureau in Ottawa, are Co-Chairs of the new Lead Agency Consortium. This fall the Consortium developed its Strategic Plan, which will be finalized shortly. Humphrey is also a member of the Lead Agency/MCYS Partnership Table formed to resolve strategic issues identified as barriers or enablers to system transformation. Dr. Kathy Sdao-Jarvie, PCC’s Director of System Planning, Measurement and Accountability, is a member of the External Reference Group that is helping to shape MCYS’ Data Strategy. This fall, PCC’s System Management Team – Humphrey and Kathy as well as Ceri Harnden, PCC’s Director of Economic and Business Development – shared PCC’s experience as a Phase One Lead Agency to support/mentor the Phase 2 Lead Agencies through their “onboarding” process.

Please visit our website ( for additional information on MOMH in Peel, including the CSDP and CMHP plans and our Lead Agency Progress Reports.

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