Recognizing our staff

PCC is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of its staff, who are committed to making PCC an effective, inclusive and innovative organization that is reflective of and embedded in the communities we serve. We extend our thanks and congratulations to our workforce for making 2015 a year to celebrate. Here are some of the staff achievements we have recognized.

Social Work Week and Child & Youth Care Week
At PCC, we believe in working as a team of multidisciplinary professionals to help children and youth achieve their full potential. We are proud to have both Social Workers and Child & Youth Workers (CYWs) among our staff on different teams across the agency. Social Work Week (March 2 – 8) and Child and Youth Care Week (May 3 – 9) acknowledged the valuable contributions made by these two helping professions. Committees made up of Social Workers and CYWs organized a number of internal awareness initiatives and events for their respective celebration weeks and shared stories about how social workers and CYWs have positively impacted the lives of PCC clients past and present. Thanks to the members of the Social Work Week Committee (Kowther Abbas, Mary Bennoit Leach, Rimi Dhillon, Andrea Duncan, Susan Lloyd, Karene Martin, Dannika Mete, Meena Radhakrishnan, Julie Rizzo, Ashley Seewah, Laurie Solomon, Pamela Teixeira, and Danita Thompson) and Child & Youth Care Week Committee (Patrick Campbell, Darren Dennie, Suzanne Lang, Julia Margetiak, Mary McDonald, Philip Nicho, Johanna Rutherford, Elaine Scace, and Evelyn Stathopoulos) for sharing your work with your colleagues.

Health & Wellness Committee
The Health and Wellness Committee continued to implement PCC’s Healthy Workplace Initiative®. With a focus on self-care and rejuvenation, the Committee offered activities such as Winter Wellness Bingo; walking groups; TED Talk screenings about work/life balance and healthy sleep; office yoga; and seated neck/shoulder massage. The Committee also facilitated two wellness breaks at PCC’s annual Celebration Day in October. At year’s end, an impressive 65 staff members from all across the agency, including Ontario off-site and Moncton locations, participated in a 10 million step challenge, roughly the distance between Mississauga and Hawaii. Thanks to the members of this staff committee: Mallory Anderson, Kimberley Brawley, Linda Buchanan, Stephanie Bush, Kanica Coshal, Susan Elbe, Bhupinder Heer, Kelly Kack, Caroline Langer Obal, Alexandra Macgregor-Amde, Coralie Martens, Nichelle Moses, Enkeleda Nazaj-Bulovas, Jona Ombao-Appadu, Diana Pimenta, Meena Radhakrishnan, and Pamela Teixeira.

Social Committee
Thanks as well to Social Committee members Mallory Anderson, Terri Fedora, Nicolas Mazzeo, Philip Nicho and Mirella Santarossa, who did a great job organizing our summer BBQ and holiday party.

Black History Month
The Black History Month Committee organized educational and celebratory activities throughout February with a The Talk-themed panel, daily historical facts, and a celebratory luncheon that included spoken word, dancing, drumming, and tasty Caribbean treats. Thank you to committee members Garth Buckley, Nicole Franklin, Mackenzie Kinmond, Jona Ombao-Appadu, and Cheryl Wilson-Rowe for organizing another memorable Black History Month.

South Asian Sub-Committee
The South Asian Sub-Committee organized three reflections on clinical practice to share learning about working with South Asian clients, as well as several “Chat and Chai” sessions to continue conversations about children’s mental health with children, youth and parents in Peel’s South Asian community. They also participated in mental health forums in partnership with Peel District School Board, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Halton District School Board and Peel faith leaders. PCC staff also received regular “faith facts” e-blasts about South Asian religions and holiday practices and participated in a Diwali celebration in November. Many thanks to the sub-committee members Kanica Coshal, Pearl Fernandez, Bhupinder Heer, Gagan Singh, and Meena Radhakrishnan for their efforts.

Punjabi Community Health Services International Women’s Day Gala
Staff from PCC attended Punjabi Community Health Services’ (PCHS) International Women’s Day Gala in March. Guests enjoyed a buffet of delicious South Asian food as well as an electric bakra dance performance by local youth. PCC thanks PCHS for their continued partnership in serving Peel’s diverse communities.

Pride Committee
PCC celebrated its 11th Annual Pride Week in June and the focus this year was on transgender issues and awareness. PCC welcomed transgender activist and educator Lynx Saint-Marie who offered Trans 101 training to a group of over 40 staff. Other activities included a documentary screening, youth guest speaker, pizza party, mocktails, Genderbread-making, and daily trivia. Thanks to the members of the Pride Committee who made it a week to remember: Karen Anslow, Christine Coyne, Edit Farun, Desirée Jones, Jacqueline Kamel, Alexandra Macgregor-Amde, Philip Nicho, Crystal Robertson, and Jennifer Watson.

FASD Awareness Day
September 9 marked Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Awareness Day. Staff organized a breakfast event called FASD Forward, which used a video game analogy to talk about how children and youth with FASD experience life differently than non-FASD children and youth. A young man with FASD and his parents also shared their personal story with staff at the event, and videos about FASD played to visitors in PCC’s Welcome Space. Thanks to the members of the FASD Awareness Day Committee Mirella DiSanto, Laura Greenberg, Stephanie Hiebert, Crystal Robertson, Emma Silver, Nella Secondino, and Erin Stanners-Moroz for organizing another successful event.

Bell Let’s Talk Day
January 28 marked the 5th annual Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada. Bell Let’s Talk Day is a nation-wide initiative to raise funds and awareness for mental health services in Canada. With the help of Hon. Tracy MacCharles, Minister of Children & Youth Services, and the support of our incredible online community, we were able to leverage the buzz around Bell Let’s Talk Day to promote PCC’s programs, services and accomplishments to local, provincial, national and international audiences. PCC content was viewed nearly 20,000 times over the course of the day, and followers resonated with messages about the 24/7 Crisis Response Line, Tangerine Walk-In Counselling, service statistics and our many important community partnerships. PCC received numerous social media “shout outs” throughout the day, acknowledging the valuable work the agency does in Peel. Special thanks to PCC staff who volunteered “tweetable moments” from their work to share with our growing online community!

Community Outreach
A special thank you to all the staff who attended or presented at school health fairs, parent information evenings, career fairs, partner agencies’ training sessions, conferences and other events. Thanks to your efforts, PCC participated in more than 100 community events this year.

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