Recognizing our staff

We are blessed with outstanding staff who are committed to making PCC an effective, efficient and innovative organization that is reflective of and embedded in the communities we serve. We extend our thanks and congratulations to our workforce for making 2014 a year to celebrate. Here are some of the staff achievements we have recognized.

  • Nancy Hood, our Youth Engagement Coordinator, received The New Mentality’s Youth Engagement Excellence Award at this year’s Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) conference. Congratulations, Nancy on this well-deserved award!
  • Susan Elbe, Clinical Supervisor, and Kelly Tanner, Respite Coordinator, shared PCC’s experience in a presentation, “Strengthening Families Through the Use of Respite Services in Children’s Mental Health,” at the International Short Break Association conference held in Germany in September.
  • Julia Margetiak, Clinical Supervisor responsible for PCC’s Crisis Response Service, with William Osler Health System staff Patricia Grabb (Manager, Mental Health and Addictions and Children’s Mental Health) and Vickie Kinch (Resource Nurse, CHAD Unit), presented “Bridging the Gap between Discharge from Hospital and Support for Youth and Families Post-Crisis” at the CMHO Conference. PCC’s cross-sectorial partnership with Osler has many benefits, including: connecting youth and families to supports when they are receptive to getting help; simplified navigation of services; treatment plan continuity; diverting unnecessary hospital admissions; and decreasing in-patient lengths of stay.
  • Renée Sloos, formerly a clinical supervisor and now working in our Clinical Standards and Development department and pursuing her PhD, presented at the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers’ 2014 Conference on Transforming Research into Practice, held in San Diego, California. Renée’s poster was entitled, “The Kaleidoscope Model: Evidence-Informed Treatment for Youth Who Sexually Harm.”

The Health and Wellness Committee made great strides in implementing PCC’s Healthy Workplace® initiative, with activities such as wellness walks and “Sneak It In” exercise breaks; a newsletter; yoga, dance and mindfulness sessions; Healthy Dips contest and South Asian cooking classes; and seated shoulder/neck massage. Thanks to the members of this staff committee: Andria Amato, Mallory Anderson, Kimberley Brawley, Karen Brozina-Hawley, Linda Buchanan, Stephanie Bush, Christy Carter, Kanica Coshal, Susan Elbe, Lorianne Fedée-Canann, Nicole Franklin, Kelly Kack, Caroline Langer, Alexandra Macgregor, Julia Margetiak, Katelyn O’Reilly, Meena Radhakrishnan, Kelly Tanner and Pamela Teixeira.

Staff also continued to advance PCC’s Diversity initiative.
  • The Training & Education Sub-Committee organized “Diversity 101: A Dialogue about Culturally Sensitive Clinical Practice.” Many thanks to Frank Enniss, Nancy Cannella, Jacqueline Kamel and Laurie Sheff for their efforts to improve our clinical staff’s cultural competence.
  • In partnership with the Health and Wellness Committee, PCC’s Diwali Committee organized a Bollywood dance at PCC’s annual Celebration Day. Congratulation to Deepa Kaushik (choreographer, coach, dancer) and dancers Mallory Anderson, Linda Buchanan, Stephanie Bush, Kanica Coshal, Rimi Dhillon, Susan Elbe, Bhupinder Heer, Amrit Khaper, Alexandra Macgregor and Kelly Tanner. Thanks as well to Kothai Sandrasegaran, who provided a lovely accompaniment to the dancers on the veena.
  • The South Asian Sub-Committee organized “Soch Vichar” reflections on clinical practice to learn from each other’s experiences with South Asian clients. In the spring, the sub-committee hosted two “Chai Time” open houses to help PCC staff better understand how to serve South Asian children, youth and families, and to share information about PCC’s services with families in Peel’s South Asian communities. Many thanks to sub-committee members Kanica Coshel, Bhupinder Heer and Deepa Kaushik for their efforts.
  • PCC celebrated its Tenth Annual Pride Week with a Rainbow theme, pizza party, mocktails, games and prizes, information kiosk, video presentation and guest speakers. Thanks to the members of the Pride Committee who made it a week to remember: Andria Amato, Karen Anslow, Karen Brozina-Hawley, Tarryn Chatz, Lauren Chicorli, Edit Farun, Kelly Kack, Jacqueline Kamel, Alexandra Macgregor, Crystal Robertson and Sherry Sklar.
  • The Black History Month Committee organized educational and celebratory activities throughout February with daily historical facts, fun quizzes with prizes, and a celebratoryevent that included spoken word, steel pan and conventional drumming, and tasty Caribbean treats. Committee members Garth Buckley, Darren Dennie, Andrea Duncan, Lorianne Fedee-Canaan, Jacqueline Kamel, Danique Lewars, Coralie Martens, Jona Ombao-Appadu, Sheehira Scott and Cheryl Wilson-Rowe did an outstanding job.

Several clinical staff organized a Drop-In Family BreakFASD with the theme, “Seven Wonders of the FASD World” on September 5 for International FASD Awareness Day. Over breakfast, PCC staff learned about FASD facts/myths, viewed video resources, and left with more knowledge to support their clinical practice with children and youth who have a FASD diagnosis. Thanks to Mirella DiSanto, Jacqueline Kamel, Heather McDonald, Michelle Patey El-Ayari, Crystal Robertson, Nella Secondino and Rosa Sist for an excellent event.

A committee of infrastructure and clinical staff overhauled the phone systems and developed bilingual service protocols and greetings for PCC and our partner services in our main office (Nexus Youth Services, Mental Health Services for Children and Youth, and Tangerine Walk-In Counselling). Many thanks to/merci beaucoup à: Karen Anslow, Linda Arthurs, Linda Lee-Berkowitz, Ceri Harnden, Frank Inglese, Caroline Langer, Srdjan Mandic, Julia Margetiak, Donna McIlroy, Alice Mu, Teresa Oster and Mora Thompson for their efforts.

A shout-out to all the staff who attended or presented at school health fairs, parent information evenings, career fairs, partner agencies’ training sessions, conferences and other events. Thanks to your efforts, PCC reached out to more than 100 community events this year.

Thanks as well to Social Committee members Mallory Anderson, Colleen Bennett, Kanica Coshal, Terri Fedora, Nicole Franklin, Nancy Hood, Kelly Kack, Nicolas Mazzeo, Philip Nicho and Mirella Santarossa, who did a great job organizing our Hollywood contest and party, summer BBQ and holiday party.

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