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Ron Lenyk Volunteer of the Year Award

PCC presented the 2012 Ron Lenyk Volunteer of the Year Award to Brampton resident Stephanie Barbosa.

Stephanie is a dedicated volunteer in the Childcare Program at PCC. “Stephanie goes above and beyond in that she makes herself available so often and so readily,” said Linda Buchanan, Volunteer Coordinator at PCC. “She brings with her a calm and nurturing approach. Many clinicians and families ask specifically for her.”

Calling Stephanie “the Childcare Whisperer,” Linda Buchanan recalled a 5-year-old boy who “could go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds and no one, including his parents, could settle him.” During one particularly difficult session at PCC, the boy’s worker asked Stephanie to join them. To everyone’s disbelief, Stephanie was able to calm him to the point where she and he could go into another room and have an engaging hour together. “Stephanie has a tremendous gift,” Buchanan said.

We were thrilled that Ron Lenyk was able to join us for the presentation. “Stephanie, on behalf of all the families who benefit from PCC’s mental health services, congratulations on this well-deserved recognition,” said Lenyk, a long-time supporter of PCC and other charitable organizations in Peel.

Mary Neville Award

PCC presented the 2012 Mary Neville Award to Paul Zarnke, who recently retired as Executive Director of Peel Children’s Aid.

Paul Zarnke is being recognized for his strong vision of social service collaboration within the Region of Peel,” said Humphrey Mitchell, PCC’s Executive Director. “Paul has invested extended time at the Fair Share for Peel Task Force working tirelessly to obtain more equitable funding for social services in Peel.  He was instrumental in establishing Success by Six, forming the Safer Families Initiative, and launching the Peel Children and Youth Initiative.

 “All of these initiatives have lead to significant enhancements in prevention and early intervention in children’s mental health,” added Mitchell.

Zarnke retired at the end of June from an outstanding career in social services. He served as Executive Director for Peel Children’s Aid since January 2003. Prior to his leadership within the Peel community, Paul was Executive Director for both St. Christopher House and the Family Service Association of Toronto.
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