How We Are Governed:

Peel Children’s Centre (PCC) and Nexus Youth Services (NYS) are separate, not-for-profit corporations.


Since 1996, PCC and NYS have operated within a mutually beneficial Strategic Alliance. Together, PCC and NYS provide continuity of service for youth as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Both agencies achieve cost savings by combining Board governance and administrative services, while NYS benefits from PCC's larger infrastructure, including centralized intake, multi-disciplinary consultations, program evaluation and professional training.


PCC and NYS are governed by a Board of Directors. The Directors are community volunteers who are elected at the Annual General Meetings of PCC and NYS. The Board of Directors for 2017/18 is as follows.

  • Mr. Rudy Riske is a retired teacher serving his third 3-year term. As President, Rudy brings a diversity of experience garnered through his career in education, complemented by volunteer experience in related sectors, including child welfare.
  • Serving as Past President, Ms. Patricia Grady brings more than 22 years of experience as a Licensed Real Estate Sales Professional. Pat is also the 2016 recipient of the Ronald E. Sanderson Community Service Award. Pat is currently serving her third 3-year term. 
  • An entrepreneur with roots in Industrial Sales, Mr. David Herzstein owns and operates a Canadian manufacturing company. David is currently serving his third 3-year term and acts as Secretary/Treasurer. 
  • Ms. Tammi Lisson is a Senior Vice President with the Royal Bank of Canada. With an MBA and more than 30 years of experience within the banking sector, Tammi is currently serving her third 3-year term. 
  • Ms. Gail Anderson is a retired Vice Principal with a fulsome career that included specialized support to students with developmental disabilities. A resident of Caledon, the Region’s most northern community, Gail is serving her second 3-year term.
  • Educated in the United Kingdom, Ms. Guneet Hansrani is a Senior Human Resources Professional focussed on supporting Technology and Operations Groups within the banking industry. Guneet is serving her second 3-year term. 
  • A Sergeant with Peel Regional Police, Ms. Jessica Roselli joined the Board of Directors following her experience as a Peel Children’s Centre volunteer, supporting clients and the agency’s fundraising objectives. Jessica is serving her first 3-year term.  


PCC and NYS are charities that meet the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency, which administers federal tax laws for the Government of Canada. (


The charitable business number for PCC is 11908 7807 RR0001. PCC's Registered Charity Information Return is available for viewing on the Canada Revenue Agency website.


The charitable business number for NYS is 13039 7631 RR0001. NYS' Registered Charity Information Return is available for viewing on the Canada Revenue Agency website.


PCC and NYS are officially recognized, or accredited, children’s mental health centres. Both agencies meet 100% of the requirements of the Canadian Centre for Accreditation, an independent, Canadian not-for-profit organization offering accreditation specifically tailored to community-based health and social service organizations across Canada.


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