About Peel Children's Centre:

Since 1985, Peel Children’s Centre has been helping people like you and your family deal with mental health problems.

Peel Children’s Centre is an officially recognized children’s mental health centre, based in your community in the Region of Peel. We offer many excellent, creative services to more than 4,100 children, teenagers, and their families every year.

Our services are free and private. And you get to choose if you want to use them. Finding out about our services and using them is easy. If you live in Brampton, Caledon or Mississauga, call WhereToStart.ca: Access to Mental Health Services for Children and Youth at 905-451-4655 to get all the information you need.

Our team of mental health workers offers many services that help prevent problems with mental health or deal with them early. We also offer counselling and programs in the community. Your child can have day treatment at school or treatment in one of our homes, which is called residential treatment. If you need someone else to look after your child for a little while or if you need help right away, we can do that too.

At Peel Children’s Centre, we measure the results of our services to make sure that our treatments work. We want your child or teenager to make as much progress as possible. We also want you and your child and teenager to be satisfied with our services. Our staff and volunteers want to make a difference in your life and in the lives of children, teenagers and their families throughout our community.


We believe that it is all about hope. These statements about what our role is, what we do, and what we believe in are all about hope.

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